Tyre Repairs And Tyre Spares

Choose from a large selection of tyres from all manufacturers when you buy from Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre. We are able to source tyres rapidly from our local suppliers in Kent. Our tyre repair service is here for your convenience and we aim to get you back on the road as quickly as we can. To find out more about how Poulton Service and Exhaust Centre can provide you with the tyres you need, use our handy Tyre Search Tool and get in touch with us today.
Tyres for every car
We source and provide tyres of various sizes and prices. If you are looking for tyre spares for your car, you can pick one up from us to fit your budget. We also carry out wheel balancing.
Front wheel tracking
Our laser equipment allows us to check and adjust your vehicle’s front wheel tracking which can help reduce tyre wear and improve handling for your car.
Tyres to fit your budget
From budget to top branded tyres, all are on offer at our repair centre to keep your vehicle safe and legal. We can also supply run flat tyres.

Environmentally responsible

The environment is important to us here at Poulton Service & Exhaust Centre in Dover. Our dedicated team believe in protecting it, which is why we buy from an environment-friendly tyre retailer in Dover. We make sure that all our tyres, are disposed of conscientiously, with a substantial amount of our garage waste being recycled.

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